4 Tips Not To Ignore So You Can Shop Safely

Black Friday, Singles Day, Cyber Monday, and Festive shopping – Tips To Shop Safely 

It’s that time of year again, Singles Day has already produced billions of dollars worth of transactions as the world’s biggest online shopping day, Black Friday is after Thanksgiving in the US but has been adopted across the world, and Cyber Monday a few days after that.  It’s a bargain shopper’s dream that could quickly become a nightmare if you aren’t cautious enough. There are things that you should definitely consider checking when shopping online throughout the festive season.


  • Phishing Emails

You checkout a basket full of your Christmas bargains, everyone is ticked off with the best presents; it’s all done and you can now look for a hot new outfit to wear to a Christmas party. Confirmation emails have come through, oh but what’s this they must’ve forgotten something it’s another email from the same company, it’s ok I’ll just click on the link and confirm the order. The link in the email is a simple way to collect your information, it will direct you to a site that looks similar to the one you have been buying from but it isn’t genuine and all you are doing is providing your personal information to people that will probably use it fraudulently. Stop and think before you click.


  • Paying for something You Don’t Receive

When looking for your bargains use a website that you are 100% sure is genuine and more importantly SECURE. Just double-check these basics. 

  1. Look for the S in HTTPS in the URL
  2. Look up the website in a search engine and check some of their reviews. 
  3. Use one of the many website reputation checkers or look on social media. 
  4. Check the website privacy policy 
  5. Check the products, if they are too good to be true then they quite possibly are.    

There are people that set up websites with the sole purpose of collecting payments, they have no intentions of fulfilling any orders, only taking your money. 


  • Check Basics Like Passwords

Passwords are important. I know it sounds really simple and people go on and on about having secure passwords but it really is that important and something within your control. Use strong passwords that include numbers, capital letters, symbols, and lower case letters. Avoid using names of pets, children, or friends, memorable dates, and never use the same password twice. If you can use a password generator it’s even better and makes a point of changing passwords regularly especially if your accounts contain personal information.     


  • Monitor Your Bank Statements Constantly

You might not be using your credit/debit card, but trust us when we say unusual transactions can occur without you knowing. Criminals doing online theft know that there are a lot of online transactions that occur on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other festive days. They do it in such a way that these online transactions go unnoticed or undetected. They usually start with smaller amounts where you don’t notice anything and then go with larger amounts at the end of the day. So keep an eye on your bank statements to detect anything suspicious.


Like this, there are other several ways attackers can find to get your personal data. The good thing is that you can take precautions so you decrease the risk of being hacked or having your details or money stolen online. On this note, stay safe and happy online shopping!

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