Appletree Mauritius Ecommerce Suite Makes a Great Impact at Infotech

Appletree Technology

Well that was an exciting week for Appletree at Infotech 2017. Our new ecommerce suite is being very well received by the business community as a whole.

It’s long days when when you’re standing on your feet hour after hour. Non the less, our teams stamina showed through, the smiles didn’t waiver…. well not to much anyway!

It’s always good to have something that’s a bit of fun on your stand. This year Alvin had the Idea of a “selfie station”: a camera attached to one our our interactive touch screens. Emma brought in a dressing up box, the kids loved it dressing up as cowboys, and pirates, for some reason the girls loved the feather boas.

We’re going to email all the photos to those who had them taken soon and we hope they’ll take pride of place on mantelpieces and bedroom walls. Thanks to all of you for making it so much fun.

Sunny did a great job designing the stand and taking a lot of the photographs himself. One of the great things you learn at times like this, when everyone pulls together, is the wide range of talents everyone has outside of work. We think the person who showed the least tiredness at the end of each day was Carol. No wonder, she goes hiking and camping most weekends so she’s fitter than the rest of us put together! Carol, that’s an unfair advantage.

We must mention Esha and Vikash who kindly volunteered to hold the fort back at the office for the duration. Somebody has to keep the wheels turning and we’re grateful that you did.

Thanks Infotech for such a good exhibition. What a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

We hope you like the photos of the stand.


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