Cart Abandonment – Why Is Your Customer Leaving Your Website Cart?

‘Cart abandonment’ – This is probably familiar to you and you know how frustrating it can be to an e-commerce store when people abandon their shopping carts on your website! ‘What could possibly have happened? Is there anything wrong with my website? Why did they change their mind?’ These are some of the questions that come to mind for an e-commerce merchant when their customers leave items in their cart without checking out. Trust us when we say there are tons of reasons why a customer might have abandoned their cart, reasons that are usually out of control for an owner but it’s still important for you to understand them so you can make changes if required. 70% of all lost online sales are because of cart abandonment? Shocking but true! What can be done to prevent losing these potential sales? Appletree can help! We can’t guarantee that you can recover that 70% in lost sales, but we can help you by sharing some improvements to reduce the cart abandonment rate on your website. How? Well, we bring to you the 8 main reasons for cart abandonment and of course the recommended solutions so that everyone checks out fully. 


No Guest Checkout

We know how important it is for an e-commerce store to get details of their customers, personal information that can be used for marketing and sales purposes. Customers love it when a purchase is completed in just a few clicks! Don’t collect an overload of information for first-time visitors and don’t make it mandatory to create an account. Remove the option to create an account when checking out. How? Offer guest checkout! Let them buy your products with just their email address and shipping details, and give them time to experience your products and service so they can come back and buy again from you! You can email them to offer incentives to urge them to create an account on your website! The goal here is to make it quick and smooth for your customers, especially on their first purchase. 


No Prefilled Details

Some customers are lazy! Especially when it comes to typing or having to re-add the same details over and over again! You should know that most converting customers are your returning customers,  it could be an existing customers or an abandoned user who returned back to your website to complete their checkout. Why make it difficult for them? Provide them with prefilled fields of the details they entered previously, and help them through the checkout process. Make them feel that there isn’t very much to add on the checkout page and that they just need to complete their purchase with simple and single clicks. FYI, Appletree provides a one single click checkout option to returning customers helping with the prefilled option! Contact us for more!


Long & Confusing Checkout

Put yourself in the shoes of a customer looking for some baby clothes, new mums have very little time to themselves, and shopping online needs to be quick and simple for them. After they have searched for the items and loaded up the shopping cart with their new outfits they are ready to check out. They come to the checkout page and find pages of information to complete, many boxes to tick and they haven’t even reached the payment page yet. So what do they do? finish checking out or give up? It can be so frustrating, remember people really want quick and simple, not long and complicated. If the checkout process is complex this will definitely lead to a poor experience resulting in abandonment. How to prevent that? Make the checkout and the order process shorter by reducing the number of pages, making navigation easy, and minimizing form fields. Simple and fast as possible!


Concerns About Payment Security

Who wants their personal data stolen? I don’t think anyone does. Would you buy on a website that you visited for the first time, a website brand that you hadn’t heard of and doesn’t mention any kind of payment security or guarantee? The answer would hopefully be a big NO.   Payment security plays a very important role when it comes to purchasing online,  no SSL certification, and no trusted payment security processor when checking out; these two things are enough to get someone to abandon their shopping cart. If you want your customers to complete their purchase, you definitely need to review the elements that you can work on to establish trust. Appletree highly recommends starting by adding SSL certificates and trusted payment processor details on the website! You can also use customer testimonials and product reviews as add-ons to reinforce that trust. 


Card Declined

A card decline is something that each and every online user must have encountered. But what could have caused the card to decline? The card has reached its limit, a stolen card, an expired card, not knowing a 3DS password,  there are many reasons why a card declines. The support team from your payment technology provider can help tell you the reason for a decline and can even suggest to you how to help the customer so they can complete their purchase. Knowing the cause of the decline can help in getting some of those customers back and recover lost sales. 


Did Not Offer Preferred Method Of Payment

Customers love having options, some prefer bank transfer while some prefer email payment and some Whatsapp payment; we no longer have only one payment method! 59% of online shoppers said that they will leave their shopping carts during the transaction if they’re not able to use the payment method they want. Not to forget, if you have international customers, many of them prefer paying in their desired currency as well! We suggest that you consider offering different payment options and currencies to help the customer feel comfortable when making their purchase. The more flexible you can be with payment options, the better experience your customers will have during their purchase which will again help to reduce cart abandonment.


Payment Page Not Mobile Friendly 

Is your payment page mobile friendly? For those not understanding what we mean here, take out your mobile phone and do a test! Purchase a product on your website, and when you reach the payment page check if the fields of the payment page fits in your mobile screen. If you are having issues seeing the full payment page, then you should know that it’s not a mobile-friendly page. We all know by now that for an online e-commerce store most website visitors come from someone using a mobile phone, shopping on a mobile phone increases each year. As a merchant, you should know that it is important for not only the website but also for the payment page to be mobile-friendly, else you’ll end up losing sales and having more cart abandonment. You don’t really want that to happen.  Research by Baymard Institute shows the average cart abandonment rate differs by device, with mobile and tablet devices having the highest percentage of shoppers hitting the exit button on a checkout page: “Desktop: 69.75%, Mobile: 85.65% and Tablets: 80.74%”. Do you see the importance of having a mobile-optimized payment page now? At Appletree, we assure you that your payment page is not only smooth but mobile-friendly. 


Payment Page Not Personalized

When a payment page is not branded or personalized to the expected company, customers think that they are on a page that they don’t know so won’t enter their payment information and abandon their purchase. Some shopping sites even redirect their customers to another page outside the website to process payments; this usually again results in the customer abandoning the page and not completing the purchase. Being suddenly on another unbranded webpage, a page they do not recognize often leads to insecurity even though it may be a secure payment page, a customer may think of it as spam or fraud. Sad but true! The solution? Personalize your payment page as per your brand, use an iFrame that includes your brand colors and logo, and make your customers feel that they are still with you!


All payment providers have their unique selling points and limitations. We have worked on our payment solutions to help you get your sales going. Most of the cart abandonment reasons we shared above can be tackled and we can help with the solutions shared. You can check out our page here to see our real client reviews, and for more updates, you can also follow us on Facebook here. Book a demo for more information.

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