GDPR and Data Security

Bored of GDPR?  If you trade with customers in Europe or the UK, you should by now have heard of the GDPR and made significant steps to ensure your organisation is complaint with its requirements.  Any firm based in Europe, has to be sure that not only it, but also its suppliers are fully compliant and are safeguarding their customer data.

I’m writing this from my desk in Manchester, where quite frankly I’m now sick to death of receiving SPAM emails, asking me to confirm my consent to receive more SPAM or forever remain unsubscribed.  Putting it frankly, the attempt to legitimise illegally collected or retained email addresses for marketing purposes is not the purpose of GDPR. Making sure that you act responsibly with people’s personal data is the purpose.  Its nothing new, its nothing scary, and you should not be surprised by it.  If you play by the rule and act responsibly, it will not be a big problem.

Think of it this way.  Would you like someone to store your name, address, email address, date of birth, and a bit of information about that rash that you bought some cream for 8 years ago, unencrytped on a website, freely available to anyone who wants to go and browse it and then start emailing you enticing offers to buy something related?  No of course not – That’s part of the reason why the EU and the ICO have issued expanded the legislation around data protection.  Would you want them to store a copy of your credit card number alongside it?  No.  That’s why we have the PCI DSS.

Does your organisation care about its customers?  If you do and have already addressed the requirements, then you have just wasted the time it took to read this post – I’m sorry.  If you care but haven’t done anything yet – Get started now please.  If you want to make it even easier and have someone take care of the payment data parts of the exercise – speak to us about your card payment processing.  Of course if you don’t care, then this won’t make a bit of difference anyway so you’ll carry on acting irresponsibly, but now you can be held criminally liable. Good luck to you.

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