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Technology is a force that continues to change, we all see it in our everyday life and probably in our work life. Working in the payment world changes are evident all the time paperless, digitalization, everything is system driven and secure which is the way it should be really. But how does digitalization affect your daily work routine, do you think it can improve it, and have you thought about speeding up the way that your invoices are paid each month. Sending payment link and looking at digital payments could be the ideal way to recognize that digitalization can help your business and dare I say it helps you get paid quicker??


What’s a Payment Link?

A payment link is an online request for payment. A link is generated by a merchant and sent to the customer allowing them to make an instant online card payment. It is one of the most efficient and most straightforward ways to ask your customers to pay for something.


Easier and Faster 

The changes in technology are also there to help and it’s good to understand how sending a payment link can improve your service and your business. At the end of every month raising an invoice and chasing for the payment can take valuable time and energy, there must be a better way to utilize an employee to increase their productivity. Collecting the monthly payments doesn’t have to be a stressful, manual, and slow process, look to digital so it can help with the following:


  • Productivity – With digital payment, you can now automate everything with just a few clicks which of course will definitely reduce the time and effort you make when creating your monthly invoices and payments manually. Sending and receiving payment instantly within a few clicks! Isn’t that amazing? The beauty of this is that it will save both your time and the time of your finance and accounting department. 


  • Accuracy – Errors! Error is human and there is no denying that, especially when work is done manually. Errors from creating something manually can delay the payment, making both you and the customer frustrated. By using automated digital payments, you can eliminate areas of human error. 


  • Customer Service – Who doesn’t want to see a faster and more immediate payment confirmation? Once the payment is received, you can have peace of mind and focus on after-sales which will improve your service. Customers spend time on their mobile phones and are becoming faster and more productive on them. Making it easy for them to pay using their mobile it’s a sure way of confirming sales, getting that payment, and help your business bloom.


Appletree’s payment technology can create the link which you then send to your customer; with a few simple clicks, you can send the payment link through E-mail or even Whatsapp. We try and make it quicker and easier for you, saving you time and money so that you can focus on other areas in your business.


Customer Satisfaction & User Experience

If you know Appletree, you know that customer satisfaction is incredibly important to what we do. As payment technology providers, we want to offer our clients the best so that they can give their customers the best. If using payment links makes it easier for your customers to pay give them this luxury? You should know that with payment via links, you can help provide a broad range of payment methods and currencies to your customers once you know the method and currency they are likely to use.  The payment page that you will send them via links can be branded to your business which will make your customers feel more comfortable and connected to your business. It’s also mobile-optimized making it smoother and friendlier for your customer to fill in which automatically enhances the user experience and satisfaction altogether.


Who Should Use Payment Links?

The answer is for anyone doing business, it’s time for you to move online. Customers are embracing changes and going digital, so why don’t you? Follow your customers or else you may end up losing some of them. It’s time for you to convert to digital payments and make your and your customers’ payment requirements simpler and quicker.

  • Small Businesses – You own a salon or a flower shop, instead of investing your time in writing and filling that invoice and losing other customers in the process, with digital payment via the link you can do it within clicks and give more time to your other customers.
  • B2B Businesses – Your client needs to pay you, send them that prefilled link and get them to pay instantly. No excuse for not having time to fill in the form and pay now.
  • Freelancers – You have a beautiful portfolio website and selling your services, so why not collect payment via links? You will get paid before you start doing the work.
  • Others – Schools, insurance companies, clinics, and others, any business can benefit from this payment method. 


How to send a payment link?

At Appletree, we provide two ways to send a payment link, via email or Whatsapp. If you need to send your customers an invoice, email them as you normally would but with a payment link included, they can just click and pay directly. The link then provides them with your branded payment page they enter their details and click pay. It’s quick and straightforward. In the same way that you would send an email with a payment link, you can do the same via WhatsApp. If you sell products via social media platforms or catalogs this could be perfect for you, with a basic website you can very quickly get your own Merchant ID and ask your customers to pay via a secure WhatsApp link. Send them a message to receive your payment. The advantages of both services are:


  • Reducing costs
  • Getting paid quicker
  • Secure and convenient for both you and the customer
  • Eliminating sales barriers and errors
  • Customer satisfaction and service improvements
  • Multiple payment and currencies methods


Providing payment solutions efficiently is an important process and we made it our goal to be perfect at it and offer the best service there is. We work with multiple companies and individuals already using our payment systems helping to drive a difference in their sales; helping their customers feel secure, and receive their payments faster and easier. What more could you ask for as a merchant? Find us on Facebook here and book a demo from our website here.


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