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Why you should use
Payment Gateway

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Our Payment Gateway Solution

What is a payment gateway? Check out our video to understand and learn more about it.
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Our Touch Screen Solution

We offer different types of self service kiosks. Check out our video to see the kiosks.
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Our Email Payment Solution

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Appletree are a Payment technology provider with its operations in Mauritius and its development in the UK. We are veterans of the payments world with more than 15 years of experience in taking payments
  • We make the integration of your website to the banks gateway simple
  • We provide full customisation of your payment page so it looks like your website rather than a banks payment portal.
  • We provide an added layer of security with our Level 1 PCI Compliance.
  • We hold your hand throughout the administration process, helping you complete all of the necessary forms and documentation.
An acquiring bank is a bank or financial institution that processes card payments on behalf of a merchant, they enter an arrangement where the merchant is provided with a merchant account allowing card activity to be processed.
A merchant identification number is a numerical code that is assigned to a merchant once they have been approved and have successfully opened their merchant account.
A merchant account is a type of bank account that allows a business to accept various types of payment methods typically debit or credit card payments. A merchant account is applied for and agreed by an acquirer usually a bank acquirer, documents have to submitted with due diligence performed on all parties involved.
A merchant identification number is unique to each merchant and identifies them to the acquirer.
There are many lines of businesses that are accepted by an acquiring bank, each type of business is assessed on its element of risk to the acquirer, charges and costs are decided based on the element of risk. Below is a list of business types that are seen as high risk so may be refused a merchant account, the Bank of Mauritius issue guidelines for the acquirers to adhere to.
  • Tobacco Products, cigarettes and liquor
  • Weapons
  • Violent Pictures
  • Content related to child abuse
  • Adult material and content (This restriction also extends to merchants from other categories that provide direct links from their websites to adult content sites)
  • Replica or fake products of any kind
  • Terrorism funding activities and any other activities listed under the Bank of Mauritius Guide notes on AML/CFT (could provide link to it?)
  • Travel Services and Future services such as travel tickets, holidays and event sale tickets, travel and tour operators, prepaid vouchers, ticket sales for future events etc
  • Sale of goods that involve an extended delivery time (such as special orders and drop shipping)
  • Unregulated recurring payments and auto debits and free trial
  • Lottery ticket sales/gambling or cash competitions
  • E-wallet/digital wallet operator (DWO)/certain types of unregulated e-wallets and other pre-paid devices/eVoucher merchant models.
  • Time share
  • Nutraceuticals (Diet Pills/Glucose Strips/Acal or helath related teas/Male enhancement/Teeth whitening/colon cleanser/Psychoactive herbal product; kratom and other detox products)
  • eLearning/Internet based work from home plans
  • Software download/Online technical support/Antivirus software/IT ‘Help desk’ services
  • Debt counselling or collection/Loan/Credit Modification/credit/mortgage/Debt reduction/foreclosure protection/credit card interest rate reduction
  • Prepaid cards/VOIP credit
  • Pharmaceuticals(including counterfeit medical and dental devices)
  • Penny Auctions
  • Circumvention devices (Black Boxes)
  • Binary Options
  • Illegal Wildlife trade/Elephant Ivory
  • Fantasy Sports merchants
  • Any other line of business prohibited as per Bank of Mauritius

The list is extensive and covers many areas that you may think shouldn’t be restricted but its important to discuss your business line with the acquiring bank of your choice. They will assess the risk and then make an informed decision, they work on a case to case business so its always important to discuss your application.
Once you have been given you live Merchant ID a simple integration to a well known e-commerce platform can take a few hours.
These extensions are WooCommerce plugins that integrate those payment services into your WooCommerce checkout process. The following are the most popular A plugin is an extension that integrates payments services to your websites payment page. Appletree currently have plugins for Woocommerce, Shopify and Prestashop, we are able to develop others when requested so please tell us your requirements.
Paybeagle is Appletree’s brand for the processing service.
We accept any currency, when you apply for your Merchant account you can select which currencies you would like to process payments in.
Yes your business needs to be registered with the Mauritian registrar, local GBC1 with corporate business accounts.
In Mauritius we work with all of the acquiring banks, Absa, Bank One, Cim Finance, MCB and SBM.
Provided there are agreements in place we are able to help the integration to your website.
We have a free sandbox test platform that we can provide you access to for testing along with the relevant documentation.

Appletree costs vary and are discussed on a case by case basis with the potential customer.
Set up fees start from Rs0 and commissions start at 0.5% based on volume. We regularly review costs and commissions, we also work with the acquiring banks so that commissions are bundled together with any bank costs.

A rolling reserve is a set amount of the business’s money that is put aside by the acquiring bank as a security deposit. It’s a small percentage of a merchant’s gross sales in a non-interest-bearing account that is reserved for an agreed amount of time then released to the merchant. The reserve is put in place to protect the acquirer from potential loss due to chargeback’s, the higher the risk of the line of business then potentially the rolling reserve amount and length of time to be released is higher and longer.
Appletree have no hidden costs
We are level one PCI Compliant so your customers data will be safe when being used as part of your website.
We are a Facilitator with the MCB and a registered service provider with Visa. It’s recommended that as part of a Merchant’s due diligence they should only use a service provider that’s listed on the Visa Registry for outsourcing their payment-related services.
This link will allow you to search for registered companies, check for Appletree
The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is an information security standard for organisations that work with credit cards. The PCI Standard is controlled by the card brands and the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council.
Yes we have plugins that allow connections to various e-commerce platforms.
Yes we have acquirers that with work with in the UK and other parts of the world.
Yes we can help you with your websites
Yes we will, it’s important to help you understand all of the required documentation and how it needs to be completed.
  • Bank Forms
  • Cert of inc
  • BRN
  • Proof of address
  • 6 months bank statements
  • Business Plan
  • ID
  • Merchant agreement
  • Board resolution for shareholders
  • You will also need to provide website information like URL etc
From 1 week to 1 month depending on the documents and complexity of the application.
We also offer payments via Whatsapp and secure email payment links (epay)
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