The process of tokenising cardholder data can significantly improve the security of your customer’s payment data. Our tokenisation service accepts a payment request, process it and stores the card detail returning a token that can be used to reference or reprocess that same card.

You never have to store the card data. So our systems do the heavy lifting for you by Using Appletree’s PCI DSS compliance.

We’re entirely flexible in our approach: We run a hosted service, to potentially completely remove your systems from PCI scope by using us as your payment gateway.

Your customer's card data is safe with us. It's SAFE, SECURE, SIMPLE!


You simply use our tokenisation service as a card store, committing your cardholder data to our vault service for future retrieval and processing.


With the ability to reprocess the same card you’re able to ensure timely regular payments for your products via our RECURRING PAYMENT systems.

The benefits are significant:

  • Improved cash flow
  • The customer doesn’t have to remember to action a payment
  • Reduced chasing and debt collection
  • Reduced admin 
  • Reduced customer churn
  • Better customer satisfaction