A significant added benefit is OUR support for YOUR easy integration into the Appletree
Payment Systems

Life is busier than ever, customers don’t have time to queue. Your customers demand an improved buying experience that’s SAFE SECURE SIMPLE to use.

What could be easier than TAP, ORDER, PAY? Appletree Touch Screen Kiosks are the solution. It’s 3 easy steps to make a payment.

Our specially manufactured Appletree Kiosks, made to the highest industry standards, offer so much more:

  • Automated sales
  • Scrolling or static advertising and promotion
  • Ordering points for example catering and retail outlets
  • Digital Concierge for hotels promoting trips, events, spa menus
  • Interactive displays
  • Ticketing and more

What could be easier than Tap, Order, Pay?

There are different models available to suit many requirements, for example, an upright kiosk in a shopping centre so you can quickly see where your favourite shop is or a lectern model in a hotel for privacy when booking your spa treatment.

There are also size differences, a small tabletop size 22” so that you can talk your hotel guest through the options available at check-in or a 55” screen in a car showroom so you can order that new car piecing together all of the different options and building your dream car on screen.

Take a look through our gallery or brochure, if you want to see a kiosk book a demo.


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Kiosk Solutions

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Discover a brand new level of interactivity.