Tips To Get Customers Trust Your Online Ecommerce Shop

Mother’s day is close, and most businesses are pushing offers and discounts on their websites. We’re sure you are planning the same kind of offers for your online eCommerce shop store; but what’s the use of having fantastic offers with a beautifully designed website and having zero sales because the visitors or your potential customers don’t trust the website? Online or offline the one thing that matters the most between a business and its customers is the relationship that you build and share with them. To make that work, you first need to gain the trust and satisfaction of that customer. It can be hard especially when you are new in the online world, at the end of the day all online business merchants want their website visitors to trust them and complete their sales. 

You should know that according to several studies, customers do not buy from an online business if they do not trust the brand or the website. No trust is equal to no sales. It is understandable that if a customer doesn’t trust your website, they won’t add their credit card details on your website to make a purchase. We urge you to continue reading this article as we’re going to share a few tips on how to get visitors to trust your online shop and eventually turn them into customers. 


SSL & Secure Connection

Making your customer feel secure while visiting your website should be your utmost priority. There’s no denying that scammers are everywhere and that online shoppers are aware of potential online scams. Put yourself in their shoes, when visiting an online store, what’s the very first thing that comes to your mind? What are the questions that you ask yourself? Is this a trustworthy shop or a scam? Can I put my personal details on this website? The list of questions is endless for an online shopper when visiting an online eCommerce shop for the first time! We’re sure that you now understand the importance of differentiating your shop from online scam stores. Badges and secure connections are the very first things that give online shoppers an extra sense of security. 


  • Https: To start with, Google’s security protocol makes sure that the URL of your website starts with HTTPS. Without the ‘s’ in the HTTPS, it will display your website as unsafe. Imagine seeing a notification saying that a website is unsafe on the very first page you land, would you continue browsing this website? A website starting with HTTPS lets the visitor know that the connection is secure between the website and the server and that it’s safe to continue browsing throughout the website. 


  • Ssl: Another way of letting your online visitors know that your website is safe, is by displaying security & trust badges. The 2 top badges that are important are first the small SSL security lock icon next to your URL. What does this small grey lock do? It shows that your website is SSL certified. 


  • Badges & Certifications: Add security trust badges to your website. Security badges are often added in the footer or on the payment pages of an eCommerce shop. There are various kinds of trusted certifications that you can get for your website.  Examples, Mcafee certifications, trusted shops Trustmark, money-back guarantee, and others. Trust us when we say that these badges & certifications help convert visitors to customers. 



Transparent checkout & trusted payment processors

It’s been 3 years already since we are living in the Covid pandemic. We’ve seen various changes and how people are now more at ease with online shopping. They in fact prefer online shopping. But, as a merchant you need to keep in mind customers prefer buying safely even though an item is cheap. Giving them that trust throughout the checkout and payment phase is very crucial, else you will get various cart abandonment which we’re sure you certainly don’t want. Give as many details as you can during the checkout phase. Don’t make the checkout out page complex, make it easy and structured. Be transparent about the delivery costs, taxes if any, delivery estimates, payment options, and other details that would help gain their trust. 

Providing various trusted payment options and displaying secure payment badges are opportunities not to miss when it comes to assuring your potential online shoppers. The more security details and layers you offer, the more likely customers will trust your online eCommerce shop and convert. Being unclear on the payment page will make your business appear unprofessional and untrustworthy to the customers, and thus make them hesitant to give any details on them and add their credit card details. Let your customers know who will be handling the payment part, if there is a third-party organization, and how you intend to use their personal information. 

Don’t forget to add your privacy policy page to your website to give all these details mentioned.


Information about you on the website and communication

Isn’t it frustrating for you not to be able to contact the customer service department of an online store to attend to your issues or queries? Just displaying a contact form and not leaving any business contact details on your website is surely not a good idea when it comes to gaining the trust of your potential customers. Online shoppers love instant and easy communication. Make yourself available as much as you can! We know being there 24/7 is tough! Find ways to convince your customers that you are easy and quick to get in touch with. You should know that “some companies are going the extra mile with 76% of support teams offering customer support outside of business hours, according to a survey by Hiver.” Make your contact details available and visible enough on your website, add live chat support, and add your social media icons with links. Knowing that you are easily available is enough to get the trust of online shoppers! 


Reviews & Social Proof

Let your existing customer be the star! Feature them on your website and on your social media pages! Not just text, but include photos or even video testimonials. One thing that new potential customers love doing when they are unsure about your brand or products is looking for reviews. Instead of them leaving your website to get reviews about your online eCommerce shop store it would be better to showcase those lovely testimonials on the website itself. This will help increase credibility and trust in your brand and get them to buy from you online.  Negative reviews are normal, it is not something to be scared of. How you tackle the negative reviews or complaints professionally will only do good for your brand’s reputation. “According to a study done by G2 Crowd and Heinz Marketing, greater than 92% of respondents said they are more likely to purchase a product or service if they’ve read a trusted positive review.” You see now how testimonials from your existing customers can be POWERFUL. Where to add that testimonial on your website is up to you to decide based on your marketing strategy. 


We urge you to review the different trust touchpoints that can help you establish credibility between you and your customers. Check out our online payment solutions here and, you can also follow us on Facebook here for more eCommerce business tips.

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