Digital Touchscreen Solutions
We sell or rent touchscreens to businesses seeking
to provide a digital experience to their clients.
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Recurring Payment Solution
Easily accept regular payments for your
subscriptions based products or services
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Online Payment

Appletree’s Paybeagle online payment technology provides a safe, expert environment for all your payment processing needs.

Touchscreen Kiosks

Innovative solutions aimed at enhancing and broadening your business can be achieved through the utilisation of touch screen technology.

Recurring Payments

Appletree's recurring processing ability, ensures that your payments are securely collected on your schedules, making sure your invoices are paid on time hassle free.

Enhancing your business process

After devoting 19 years to learning and growing alongside our business, we’re eager to share our knowledge and offer support to fellow enterprises. Initially, we began as a provider of Pay TV encryption and customer management services, refining our skills in subscription payments and eventually becoming payment experts. We further developed our technology to surpass regulatory standards, established PCI compliant card payment solutions, and sought out innovative ways to assist others.

Touch Screen Technology

Payment Gateway Services

Easy Payment Integrations

Automatic Recurring Payments

Tokenisation Payment Solutions

Reinventing our business so you don’t have to

Due to the lack of suitable options available in the market, we had to develop our own solution that would cater to our business needs. Presently, we continue to enhance, personalise, and tailor our Paybeagle online payment technology platform to meet our clients’ specific requirements. It offers the highest level of security features and adaptability that we were unable to locate in pre-existing offerings.

Since its inception, the platform has experienced tremendous growth and innovation, and is currently utilised by all our clients.

Let’s Answer Your Questions

Who are Appletree?

Appletree are an online payment technology provider with its operations in Mauritius and its development in the UK. We are veterans of the payments world with more than 15 years of experience in taking payments

Why should I use Appletree online payment technology (third party provider) and not go straight to the bank

Using a third party provider can very often provide you with more choice and customization. If you use an Appletree iframe this can be branded to your requirements a bank will generally only allow their own branding. This also builds confidence in your customers as they know it’s your website they are paying through.

What’s an acquirer?

An acquiring bank is a bank or financial institution that processes card payments on behalf of a merchant, they enter an arrangement where the merchant is provided with a merchant account allowing card activity to be processed.

What’s a MID and a Merchant Account?

A merchant identification number is a numerical code that is assigned to a merchant once they have been approved and have successfully opened their merchant account.

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