Improve profitability and cash flow

By utilising our tokenised card storage and automatic card recurring payment systems you receive more regular and on-time payments. This reduces administration time, costs, customer churn and the risk of bad debts whilst increasing cash flow through timely collection.

More payment options

We support your customers by providing a variety of payment options that includes payments over telephone (MOTO), Email and SMS payment links to your customers. We also facilitate plugins for third party solutions. All supported by our PCI level 1 compliance. This of course is in addition to our card payment facilities.

Simple integration

We’ve developed a simple Application Process Interface (API) into our payment systems and we’ll help you integrate by providing you with an iframe and hosted payment page that’s bespoke to you.

Subscription management

We’ve operated subscription management and reporting systems that not only take payments, manage expiries and renewals, but also analyse trends to help your business in its decision making process.

Touch Screen technology

Imagine reducing queues and increasing transaction volumes that’s what our TAP ORDER PAY touch Screen technology supports and it can be fully integrated into our Appletree payment systems. Our touch screens offer other benefits to. They support automated sales, advertising and promotion, interactive displays, order points, ticketing and more.